Cap Constructions

There are four cap constructions in total and each of them has its features:

Cap-less (wefted) Cap >>
  • Made from rows of wefts that have been machine-sewn together into a basic cap. Hence, they are also known as machine-made wigs.
  • It doesn't have an underlying solid cap so that also known as cap-less wig.
  • The most affordable than other three cap constructions
  • Has an elastic strap in back of cap so that convenient to wear
  • Breathable and Cool
Lace Front Cap >>
  • Has three combs and an elastic strap in cap
  • Customized bangs if it is a hairstyle with bangs
  • Has additional lace so that it should be cut by your head shape
  • Natural hairline
  • Need to use hair-glue to wear if you are bald
Full Lace Cap >>
  • 100% hand-knotted
  • Has three combs and an elastic strap in cap
  • More natural and softer feeling
  • It is better to wear by glue/tape
  • Free restyling
Monofilament Cap >>
  • 100% hand-tied
  • The most expensive price, the most realistic look
  • More breathable than other cap constructions
  • No comb but an elastic strap in cap