New Buyer Guide

If this is the first time you make an order on our site or you confuse how to select a suitable wig, this guide will help you to solve most of problems. You still can email us ([email protected]) so that ask more details.

The first step is determining hair style. You need to know what hair style(s) you are interested in, such as straight, wavy, curly, bobs, layered, with bangs and without bangs. If you never wear a wig before, we will suggest you to select a simply style, for instance, long straight style, because you don’t need to spend too much time on restyling it.
It is very important that choose right size. Please measure your size carefully as following steps. Normally the first three measurements are the most essential for you (Cap Size, Front to Back and Side to Side across Forehead).

Wig Size (inch)Cap Size(inch)Front to Back(inch)Side to Side across forehead(inch)Side to Side over top(inch)Temple to Temple across back(inch)Nape of Neck(inch)
Child / Ulara Petite (UP) 20-20.5" 12-12.5" 10-10.5" 10.5-11" 12.5-13" 4-4.5"
Petite (P) 21-21.5" 13-13.5" 11" 11.5-11.75" 13-13.5" 4.5-5"
Average (A) 22-22.5" 14-14.5" 12-12.5" 12.5-13" 14.5-15" 5-5.5"
Large(L) 23-23.5" 15-15.5" 12.5-13" 13-13.5" 15-15.5" 5.5-6"
Normally there are two materials can be selected, one is remy human hair, the other one is synthetic hair. Here is comparison of features of them.

Remy Human Hair Wig


● More Natural

● More Breathable

● Long Life Time

● More Expensive

● Spend Much Time on Restyling

Synthetic Hair Wig


● Affordable Price

● Short Processing Time

● Save Restyling Time

● Less life time

● Hair Style Cannot be Changed

There are four cap constructions in total and each of them has its features:

Cap-less (wefted) Cap

It is made from rows of wefts that have been machine-sewn together into a basic cap. Hence, they are also known as machine-made wigs.It doesn’t have an underlying solid cap are also known as cap-less wigs.

Lace Front Cap

It has three combs and an elastic strap in cap. Moreover, it has additional lace so that it should be cut by your head shape.

Full Lace Cap

It is 100% hand-knotted and also has three combs and an elastic strap in cap. In additional, it is better to wear by glue or tape.

Monofilament Cap

Although it is the most expensive price, but it has the most realistic look There is no comb but an elastic strap in cap.

The human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs have different color charts. Most of colors can be identified easily in color chart, if you still don’t know which color can meet your demand, we will suggest you to order a color ring so that you can see all colors clearly, or you can contact customer service team directly.
The length selection is the last step of ordering a wig. Normally the length range is between 10” to 26”. The manufacturers do not make wigs which is less than 10”. If you want to order a wig which is longer than 26”, please contact customer service team directly to make customized length.